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Ferrari extended warranty and maintenance

Ferrari have one of the best maintenance and warranty programs in the car industry. 

Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance: 

  • Years 1-7:   New Ferraris (since about 2013) have 7 years free servicing at Ferrari dealers.


  • Years 1-3:     New Ferraris 3 years/100,000km Full warranty.

  • Years 4-5:     Full extended warranty for another 1 or 2 years.

  • Years 6-12:   Purchase New Power extended warranty annually.

  • Years 13-15: Purchase New Power15 extended warranty.

New Power extended warranty is available until the Ferrari is 12 years old or until 90,000km and covers all major components.

New Power 15 extended warranty is available until the Ferrari is 15 years old or until 90,000km and covers the vehicle’s main mechanical components, including the engine, gearbox, PTU, suspension and steering.  

If you sell your Ferrari the free scheduled maintenance and warranty is transferrable to the new owner. 

Wear and tear on the car is not covered, e.g. battery, belts, brakes, wipers, tyres, etc.

More background info on the Ferrari website

For all warranty / servicing contact your Ferrari authorised dealer.

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