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Ferrari New Power Warranty (Years 6-12)

The coverage offered by the New Power Warranty is restricted to the following components ONLY:



  • engine crankcase and all internal components;

  • cylinder head(s) and valve train;

  • oil radiator;

  • head gasket(s);

  • oil sump and oil pump;

  • variable valve timing adjuster(s);

  • solenoid valve;

  • (oil seals and oil leaks in general are excluded).


  • oxygen sensors;

  • secondary air system (secondary air pump and valves only);

  • ionising ECU(s).

Fl/mechanical gearbox:

  • gearbox casing and differential housings, including all internal components;

F1 Power Unit:

  • electric pump-valves, actuator, ECU, selected and engaged gear sensor;

  • (oil seals and oil leaks in general are excluded).

DCT gearbox:

  • gearbox, including all internal components and ECU;

  • (oil seals and oil leaks in general are excluded).

Power Transmission Unit:

  • ECU;

  • clutch (rubber gaiters excluded);


  • including all internal components;

  • (oil seals and oil leaks in general are excluded).


Suspension and steering:

  • complete steering box;

  • suspension arm joints;

  • power steering pump (excluding drive belts);

  • suspension arm joints; toe-in tie-rod;

  • ECU for controls on steering wheel;

  • (oil seals and oil leaks in general are excluded).

Cooling system:

  • water pump;

  • fans;

  • (leaks in general are excluded).

Air conditioning/heating;

  • AC system control devices;

  • AC compressor and AC system ECU.

Electrical system:

  • alternator;

  • starter motor;

  • ignition coil, engine ECU;

  • gearbox ECU, crankshaft sensor, camshaft sensor;

  • power window motor.

Fuel and induction system:

  • injectors;

  • throttle bodies;

  • air flow sensor;

  • intake manifold;

  • pressure regulator;

  • temperature sensors;

  • fuel pipes;

  • fuel pumps;

Brake system:

  • hydraulic brake pump;

  • brake pressure regulator and brake servo.



  • RHT roof function

  • (wear, bodywork and paint defects, seals and water infiltration in general are excluded).

Labour relative to the removal/installation and replacement of the aforementioned components.

The above is a guideline. E&OE.

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