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Historic vehicle registration for NSW / ACT

Vehicle Eligibility 

A vehicle owned by a Ferrari Club member who is resident in NSW can be registered under the Historic Vehicles Scheme if: 

  • The vehicle is 30 years of age or older based on the year of manufacture.  In practice, a vehicle that is manufactured in any month in 1987 is considered eligible as of 1st January 2017. 

  • The vehicle is as close to original condition as possible, with no alterations except for safety features such as seatbelts and turn indicators, or period accessories and options, if desired. (Note that a new Conditional Registration Scheme has been developed to cover older, modified, unoriginal vehicles.) 

  • The owner is a current, financial member of the Club. 

Registration Process 

To conditionally register a vehicle in the Ferrari Club Australia (NSW) Historic Vehicle Scheme, you will need to… 

  • Complete ALL the details in Sections 1 & 2 of the Historic Vehicle Declaration form (downloadable from the NSW Roads & Maritime Services website). 

  • Get a current Safety Inspection Report (a.k.a. “Pink Slip”) from a NSW Authorised Inspection Station.  That is, for the completion of Section 3 of the Historic Vehicle Declaration form, FCA NSW relies on and requires the Pink Slip system for liability reasons.  Note also that this has to be a “manual” paper copy, not an electronic version. 

  • Send the original Historic Vehicle Declaration form and copies of the Safety Inspection Report and Certificate of Registration to the FCA NSW Historic Vehicle Scheme Registrar.  Enclose a stamped, self-addressed return envelope.  Once the Club’s Registrar has these documents, he can then lawfully complete Sections 3 & 4 of the form, stamp it with the Club stamp and return it to you. 


You then attend an RMS registry or Services NSW centre in person (n.b. you can’t do this online) and present: 

  • If this is the first time applying for Historic Registration, a completed Application for Conditional Registration. 

  • If vehicle is unregistered, proof of registration entitlement (e.g. an original receipt for the vehicle, which clearly shows the buyer’s name, the seller’s name, address and signature, the VIN or Chassis/frame or serial number and the date of acquisition) or a current Certificate of Registration. 

  • The Historic Vehicle Declaration, but note, not greater than 42 days old, signed by the FCA NSW Club Historic Vehicle Scheme Registrar  

  • The Safety Inspection Report (a.k.a. “Pink Slip”) from a NSW Authorised Inspection Station. 

  • Proof of identity such as a NSW driver licence. 

The RMS will then issue you with your Compulsory Third Party insurance and registration currently $45. 


Vehicle Usage 

Under the current system, Historic Vehicles registered via the FCA NSW Historic Vehicles Scheme can be used 

  • for any event organised by the Club, provided it is an official, published Club event, 

  • on roads for servicing purposes within a short distance from their place of garaging, 

  • without any restrictions on distance travelled, and 

  • to travel to other states and territories. 

  • A vehicle can also be used for an additional 60 days per year of driving and must be entered in a log book before commencing driving on that day. This simply means entering a date and time on the log book supplied by RMS 

It is highly recommended that the log book and a calendar of official club events be kept in the vehicle, failing to do so can incur hefty fines by the NSW Police and Transport NSW.  

Further information: 

Contact NSW:

FCA NSW Historic Vehicles Registrar 

Paul Sapienza  

Historic Vehicle Registrar 

PO Box 6037 

Dural DC NSW 2158 

PH: 0422 069 748 



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