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Historic vehicle registration for NSW / ACT

NSW RMS approves the Conditional Registration of Historic Vehicles owned by members of the Ferrari Club Australia who reside in NSW.  The member's vehicles may be Ferraris and/or other brands.

Conditional Registration is for qualified vehicles 30 years or older based on the year of manufacture. The vehicle must be as close to original condition as possible with no alterations except for safety features such as seatbelts and turn indicators, or period accessories and options. Note that a New Conditional Registration Scheme has been developed to cover older, modified, unoriginal vehicles. 


The NSW RMS administers the scheme. There are limitations on the vehicles. 

The owner must be a financial member of the Ferrari Club Australia. The cost of registering a vehicle under this scheme is significantly lower than normal registration, but there are restrictions on usage, and commercial use or work or daily transport is not permitted.  

Vehicles registered under the  NSW Historic Vehicles Scheme can be used for any event organised by the Ferrari Club Australia or other approved Clubs provided it is an official, published, Club event. There are no restrictions on distance travelled and travel to events in other states and territories is permitted.

Vehicles can also be driven on roads for servicing purposes within a short distance from their place of garaging.


​A vehicle can also be used for an additional 60 days per year of driving outside of Club organised events but these drives must be entered into a log-book before commencing driving on that day.  In practice, this simply means entering a date and time on a sheet of paper (log book) supplied during the RMS registration process.​

NSW RMS fee is $54 including Green Slip Third Party Insurance.

An additional one-off $40 fee is for initial issue of historic registration plates.

NSW RMS posts annual renewals, like normal registration, then the Ferrari Club must issue a new Historic Vehicle Declaration 1259 Form, and the member obtain a Pink Slip prior to renewing.

Procedure for NSW:

  1. Download the NSW RMS Historic Vehicle Declaration 1259 Form and fill in Sections 1, 2 (not 3, 4)

  2. Download the NSW RMS Application for Conditional Registration 1246 Form and complete for each vehicle, when the vehicle is first registered.

  3. Get a “Pink Slip”  (or a "Blue Slip" if the vehicle has not been recently registered in NSW).

  4. Post or courier the NSW RMS Forms & Pink Slip to Paul Sapienza. Include a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

  5. Paul Sapienza will stamp and sign your NSW RMS Forms and return them and the Pink Slip back to you.

  6. Take the NSW RMS Forms & Pink Slip to your Service NSW Centre to get your rego papers & plate & logbook.
    If the vehicle is unregistered or has recently been purchased then NSW RMS will also need receipt of purchase. NSW RMS only accepts original copies of all Forms and Slips listed above (no photocopies or emails). 

Contact NSW:

Paul Sapienza                      

NSW Historic Registrar       

Ferrari Club of Australia     

PO BOX 6037 Dural DC 2158


Phone 0422 069 748‬     

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