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Friday, 11 March 2016

Picnic in the Park, Balmoral


It was a matter of 3rd time lucky.  The soggy Sydney weather in January and February had forced us to cancel our annual Balmoral picnic, not once but twice.  So we were delighted when the weather forecasts looked superb for our 3rd attempt - Friday March 11th - and as the day approached the BOM continued to forecast a perfect evening for us.  But contrary to all the forecasts, on Friday afternoon the skies began to look ugly and then parts of Sydney were hit by rain and thunderstorms.

Amazingly, Balmoral was completely bypassed by these storms and so about 35 Club members (long-term members right through to new members and even one person about to join) enjoyed chatting, sharing some food and wine and watching a beautiful sunset over the harbour.  We also discovered that the kookaburras at Balmoral have excellent taste in pâté!

As the light faded, many headed off home.  Kindly, someone extended the hospitality of their nearby home to the die-hards left for coffee, an extra drop or two and further chatting.

Overall, it was a great evening which had the flavour of success being plucked from the jaws of near-defeat!

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