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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Oh what a night

The 29th of July was the Australasian preview of the new Ferrari 488 GTB. Press events had been conducted during the morning but the evening was turned over to invited guest to experience the latest from Ferrari.


The even was held at the Inglis Newmarket Stables at Randwick. Upon arrival guest were greeted with a magnificent display of ‘historic’ Ferrari’s that preceded the 488GTB. The event was given extra impact with the inclusion of real 1HP equines trotting around the displays with attendants resplendent in formal dressage attire.


Proceeding through the grounds continued the showcase of previous versions including the 458, 430, 360 and 355, most owned by FCA members who kindly displayed them for the event.


Once inside the stable guests where greeted with a variety of displays, food, wine and more celebrating everything Ferrari.


The atmosphere began to build as the 488’s entrance neared. People crowded to the front to see the images and hear the sounds projected on the big screen.

After a short introduction from Herbert Appelroth, CEO of Ferrari Australiasia, everyone held their breath as the new 488 GTB made its entrance into the room.


The crowd then flooded in and around the car. They took the opportunity to examine the latest work from Maranello up close. They took turns getting behind the wheel to get a first hand taste of the car from the pilots seat of this rocket ship.


The true enthusiasts stayed almost to midnight, not wanting to leave. The rumour was that the last one to leave got to park the car but alas, unfortunately, that turned out to be nothing more than a rumour.

An amazing night. Well done Ferrari, the venue, set up, atmosphere was perfect. What a fine way to welcome the new 488 GTB to Australia. We look forward to seeing one out on a club run in 2016.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

A change of season

Our annual Christmas in July was full of surprises this year. Prior to the weekend a record breaking low swept across the region taking temperatures below freezing. The weekend prior had seen very deep snow in the regions around our planned destination.


It was not surprising that we found the Bells Line of Road closed early Saturday morning due to black ice. Most cars managed to proceed past the road blocks and meet at the designed starting location, Pie in the Sky at Bilpin.

After enjoying a hot beverage and some spectacular pies we noticed the traffic along the Bell Line of road had increased which seemed to indicate that any black ice had burnt off. Alas, as it turned out, a few short kilometers further along the road was once again close, this time due to an over turned truck.

We therefore regrouped back at Pie in the Sky to plan strategy. Even though the alternative route across the mountains, via the Great Western Highway, was also currently closed due to the weather, the decision was to head to the Lapstone hotel at Springwood where lunch could be enjoyed and hopefully the road further along would have thawed upon our arrival.


After lunch and with roads now open, we proceeded to our ultimate destination, Turner’s Vineyard in Orange.


Upon reaching Katoomba we where greeted with significant snow on the shoulder of roads. We also had to contend with the many sightseers who had travelling up the mountains to the just to see the ‘white stuff’. Our slow and steady procession continued across the snow covered mountains and down Victoria Pass and on towards Lithgow and Bathurst.

Snow remained thick on the sidelines of the roads until we entered Bathurst but luckily not over the surface of the road.


The weather in Orange was fresh but clear and we were treated to a lovely sun set over the western plains of NSW. Many took the opportunity to sample some wines at a tasting kindly arranged by the venue after our very late arrival.


With everyone suitable ‘hydrated’ by the local produce we headed off for a fantastic Christmas in July dinner.


With over 50 people in attendance it was a magic way to end what had been an ‘interesting’ and challenging day. Most were glad to have the opportunity to finally unwind and enjoy the company of other members with the prospect of a warm bed not far beyond.


The morning broke chilly but clear and everyone enjoyed a hearty breakfast before checking out and then heading down the hill a bit for a quick tour of the local ‘vehicle museum’.


The convoy then headed off to check out the historic Gnoo Blas racing circuit as well as take in the sights of historic Milthorpe.


Our 2015 Christmas in July will go down as one of major events for the year without doubt. It brought some challenges, re-routing, record cold weather but more importantly it saw a record number of members attend as well as being something that everyone thoroughly enjoyed and are looking forward to the repeat next year, less the snow but!

Special thanks must go to the member who did all the hard work arranging the weekend and overcoming the unexpected challenges thrown their way to keep the party on track. Rain, sleet, freezing cold, no matter, the FCA Christmas in July celebration goes on!

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Drive in the Winter sunshine

The first Sunday of every month is the Cavallino Cars & Coffee at Terrey Hills. With each passing month this event continues to grow and on this Sunday, with the clear sunny skies, thousands turned up for the biggest Cars & Coffee yet! The streets in the small suburb of Terrey Hills were filled with cars and pedestrians all sharing an automotive passion.

Many Ferrari Club members enjoyed the hoards of other cars and people including a display that included 5 Ferraris from FMS and owners.  The coffee was great too, especially given the brisk yet sunny morning.

At 10am, the Cars & Coffee event finishes with Terrey Hills then slowly reverting back to a sleepy peaceful suburb.  Ferrari Club members assembled at the nearby Public School to commence the drive day.


We drove north along the M1 and exited at Berowra where we joined more Ferraris for a brief chat at the Truck Stop near the Rural Fire Service Control Tower.

We then plunged back onto the M1 for a sort blast to Peats Ridge. A very enjoyable and scenic drive with little traffic.


Over 45 people enjoyed lunch at the The Springs Golf Course in Peats Ridge with very scenic surroundings far away from the big city.

After lunch some headed directly back to Sydney via the M1, while others elected to take the longer way home via the twists and turns of the Old Pacific Hwy via Brooklyn.

The day saw about 25 Ferraris were on the drive including Dino, 308, 360, 430, 550, 575, California, 458 Italia, 458 Speciale, and many others.