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Sunday, 21 June 2015

Le Montage June–Italiano Stampede


We started our day as do every third Sunday of the month at Le Montage in Lilyfield for Supercar d’Elegance. Although the weather wasn’t the best and rather chilly at times there was a warm breakfast and importantly coffee waiting for attendees.


Huddling together at times to stay out of the rain and under the outdoor heaters people shared some great conversation while admiring the vast array of cars that turned up today. The car park was at least half full of Ferrari’s, and in weather like today that is saying something about how keen everyone was to attend.


The Le Montage events just keep growing as they are an excellent way to spend a Sunday morning, meet other club members and owners and then perhaps head out on a cruise, which is exactly what we did about mid morning.


The Lamborghini Club had invited us on their planned drive from Le Montage, along the M4, up the mountains to Springwood, turning off down the Hawkesbury road back to Windsor.


After a brief stop at the service station on the M4 we all pulled over at Hawkesbury Lookout to regroup and take in the scenery. As always, with so many Ferraris and Lamborghinis the pit stop in itself becomes a bit of spectacle as this many exotic cars draw a lot of attention. 


We continued down the mountain, through Richmond and on towards Windsor. Here some departed for home, others stayed for a special seafood lunch.

All in all a magic day to be out in a Ferrari with not only other club members but also a cadre of Lamborghinis. Thanks for the invite chaps and we’ll have to do this again soon!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

FMS Track Day

If there one thing you must do when you obtain a Ferrari (or other performance vehicle for that matter), it is to take it to the track. That’s exactly what many club members took advantage of recently at Sydney Motorsport Park at Eastern Creek as part of the Ferrari Maserati Sydney track day event.


46 Ferraris raring to go first thing in the morning is certainly a sight to behold as you can see, all lined up in the pits.

After the drivers briefing the drivers was divided into three groups, beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each group is then released onto to the track for as many laps as they can do in a 20 minute session.

There was no timing at this event and passing, if required, is done via acknowledgment, with the slower leading car pointing to which side of the track the faster following car should overtake. Using hand signals avoids confusion and works very well on days like these.


Once every group has completed their 20 minute session, the original group goes back out again for more laps. This process continues until lunch, after which is starts all over again.

Not only was the full track open for drivers but also the skid pan, which allows drivers to test the limits of traction for their vehicles in a safe environment. It is also a good way to get very giddy very quickly!

These days are about pushing yourself and your car as fast as you feel comfortable. It provides an environment to enjoy the performance of your car in a controlled and safe setting. Also having skilled driving instructors on hand to ride with you and help improve your driving skills and awareness is invaluable.

That, combined with the great atmosphere always present with a group Ferrari owners, good coffee, good food and technical support from the driving instructors, marshals and Ferrari Maserati Sydney makes these events not one to miss for the dedicated Ferrari enthusiast.


Everyone who attended can’t wait for the next track day event. It is something special in the annual calendar where you come to really appreciate the magnificent of the prancing horse.